2007 Penfolds Grange

2007 Penfolds Grange

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I really wish I could put this post into the ‘reviews’ section of Loaded Trolley, but even with Costco having the best price on Penfolds Grange in Australia, I still cannot afford to put one away in my non-existent cellar. But for those of you who buy and collect this iconic wine, having a Costco membership enables you pick up a bottle of Penfolds Grange at Costco’s great price.

Costco’s Australian store are selling a very limited quantity of the 2007 Penfolds Grange at $469.89. A quick check at Dan Murphy’s has this latest release at $580 in their stores.

It is also worth noting that Costco Docklands also has 1.5L magnums of 2004 and 2005 release Penfolds Grange for $1499.99. Again a cross check to Dan Murphy’s for the 2004 release Penfolds Grange magnum has the price there at $1600. Certainly worth a Costco membership no matter which of the available Penfolds Grange releases you are looking to buy.


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