loadedtrolley.com.au is basically a ‘FanBlog’ about Costco Australia.

…oh…hang on…that sounds a bit nerdy doesn’t it?

We’ve tried to come up with a decent site description but it’s kind of hard to put into words exactly what this site is about. In it’s early stages, we expect loadedtrolley.com.au to give you some handy price comparisons between Australian Costco stores, and the shops you regularly shop at, like the big supermarket chains, and retail stores. But we also have plans for bigger and better things than just simply comparing prices, so make sure you visit regularly over the next few months, and like our Facebook page to see what’s new and stay in the loop!

About Us

If you reading this, you probably want to know something about us, the people behind loadedtrolley.com.au

Well, it might be a bit boring,but we are a pretty normal family, Dad, Mum, Tweenage Child, big dog, and a couple of cats. Like most people these days, we are usually on the lookout for ways to keep the household expenses in check. So when we heard that Costco were opening a store, and that it would not only be in our home town,but also on our daily commute route, we were keen to see what was on offer.

It’s funny really, because when Aldi opened, we didn’t really feel the need to rush in looking for bargains, mainly I think because we are both a little bit ‘Brand Oriented’ and like to stick within our comfort zone when it comes to shopping. But with Costco, it was different.

Not long after Costco opened in Melbourne, we headed into see whether it really was worth the fuss, and worth that annual membership of $60 (or $55 with an ABN). We were probably there just looking around for about 4 hours on that first visit, but we didn’t sign up for a membership there and then. It wasn’t until we were looking around for a new laptop a couple of months later, that we went back to see what they had. We signed up, and ended up with a Toshiba laptop, that everywhere else was significantly out of our price range. After that, we started to visit regularly, probably once or twice a month for the first year.

Now one of us visits almost weekly, and about 70% of our groceries, particularly fruit and veg, milk, eggs, toilet paper, and meat/chicken/seafood is purchased there. And they have seasonal ranges too, like water-sports gear in summer,plants in spring/autumn, jackets in winter. We even bought the tween’s school runners from there – Columbia brand hiking shoes, not to mention other clothes like Calvin Klein undies (oops now you know what undies I wear) and Levis jeans. The on site optometrist is super, too. I cant say we’ve bought any furniture..yet..but we did cater a 7 course menu for our New Years party that was almost entirely from Costco that people still rave about (you know who you are).

Now you see why we feel like this is a Fanblog, but don’t want to call it a Fanblog…I mean, what nerd wears Calvin Klein undies right?

Connection to Costco or Costco Australia

You’re probably wondering if Costco or Costco Australia is in some way paying for us to do this, is providing any resources for the site or endorses this website. We, and the site, have no connection material or otherwise to Costco. The intent is to remain as objective as possible and provide unbiased commentry on Costco Australia and their product. If something at Costco is not of the quality we expect or expensive based on our observations we are going to tell you about it. On the flip-side, we will tell you what we love about Costco Australia and the products they carry.