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Costco’s Australian stores love to stock name brand polo shirts, albeit in a small selection of colors. One such polo shirt in stock at the moment is the Tommy Hilfiger Ivy polo shirt.

I am not really much of a polo shirt guy, but this particular item has sparked my interest. The quality seems to be nothing less than you would expect from a brand like Tommy Hilfiger, but this one is at that great Costco price. Costco has three colors of this polo shirt in stock at the Docklands store at just $25.99. Searching around other Australian retailers, you are looking at $99.99 at both Myer and David Jones.

Save your money, get a Costco membership and grab a polo or three.


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As the cooler months are approaching, Costco’s stores in Australia are bringing in their winter clothing ranges. In the men’s department there are some name brands items popping up though, in true Costco style, limited ranges. An example of the stock coming through is this Nautica jumper (or long sleeve knit sweater as the American naming convention implies).

Costco’s Australian stores are selling this at $37.99. I went hunting for a similar item and found it at Myer for $119.95.

I keep saying this in my articles, but just to re-iterate, if you were looking to buy this item from a retail outlet like Myer, you might as well get a Costco membership and buy it there. By the time you have taken on the $55 or $60 membership and bought the item you are still ahead by more than $20.

One of the daily emails that comes into my inbox everyday is from Catch Of The Day. I usually ignore it, but sometimes the subject piques my interest so I have a look at the contents. Name brand home entertainment is usually the type of stuff that gets my attention, so I happened to open up one particular email from Catch Of The Day a few days ago.

That email had a Philips SoundBar home theatre system in it. I took a screen dump of it as I was sure I had seen the same item at Costco.

I thought Costco’s price was similar, but I wasn’t sure. On my next visit to Costco, I had a look through the home entertainment section with an eye on finding the Philips SoundBar and there it was at Costco in Melbourne for $299.99. Now I cannot be 100% if the items were identical as I could not go back to check the Catch Of The Day website for a model number, but it certainly looks the same and I can only see one model of the SoundBar on the Philips website.

So if you were in the market for a Philips SoundBar, given the price on Catch Of The Day and the fact they will charge you an additional sum for postage and handling, you might as well buy yourself a Costco membership and your local Australian store and pick up the system there. That way you now have a new home theatre system AND a Costco membership!

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Ever since I started shopping at the Melbourne Costco store I have intended to pick up one of these Crescent tool sets for just $136.99, I just need to figure out how to justify it to the ‘Minister for War and Finance’. In the meantime, I will continue to ogle it every time I walk through the hardware aisle at Costco in Docklands.

One justification may be that I noticed Bunnings is selling a similar Crescent tool set for $129. The set available at Bunnings is, however, only 170 pieces. Now that begs the question, am I actually going to get something I really need in those 36 extra pieces? Well that question may not even be relevant since the extra 36 pieces in the Crescent tool set at Costco is only going to cost you $8 more. Surely that is justifiable…isn’t it?

Unfortunately I do not have a good picture of it from my many trips to the Melbourne Costco store, but you will find some images of it on eBay if you search there. And while your at it, you will notice that some wiley sellers are offering it at over $190 plus postage and handling. If you want a good set of tools and have considered buying this set at a premium on eBay, you might be better off using the extra dollars the eBay sellers want for the tool set to buy a Costco membership. You then have a new Crescent 206 piece tool set AND a Costco membership!

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The I-Pod and mobile music explosion over the last decade has also given way to an increase in high end consumer headphone becoming available. Costco Australia has chosen to compete in the market by offering two models of Soul headphone, which have apparently had the input of hip-hop artist Ludacris. Not sure what input Ludacris may have had as I didn’t see a degree in sound engineering on his Wiki, although apparently he did study Music Management at Georgia State.

Costco Australia are stocking the Sould SL100 headphones at $149.99 and Soul SL150 headphones at $229.99.

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Some people are critical of the food at the in-store Costco Cafe. I have only sampled the pizza, frozen yoghurt and hot dog so far. Having had the ‘Hot Dog and Soda’ combo a few times now I have come to enjoy the quick refuel.

In the states this combo is only USD1.50, but here at Australian Costco stores it will run you $2.50…you know, exchange rates, property prices, cost of labour and all that!

And the good thing about getting a soft drink (soda, LOL) at Costco is you can have free refills if you, and the seven other people you are sharing the cup with, so desire. Make sure you visit the bathroom before you leave though.

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July signifies the month that Costco in Australia starts to stock up on summer products (or at least it does in Melbourne, maybe Brisbane has this stuff all year round!). So here are a few items that Costco have brought in this year for some summer fun. As you can see Costco Australia are either willing to stock just about anything that they think will move or there was a few spare of in a warehouse in America.

Sun Dolphin Pedal Boat – $839.99

What kid wouldn’t love their own pedal boat? We are not too sure how well this will sell down here in Melbourne. There are a few lakes that you could take it on, but I don’t think it would be a big seller. This one might sell better in the northern states.

Intex Relaxation Station Island – $89.99

Ever wanted to own your own island? OK, maybe this won’t satisfy you but this Intex inflatable is fun for four people in the pool, lake or maybe even a calm bay. It also has a ladder so you can get onto your own island easily.

Swimline Manta Ray Squiter Set (2 pack) – $36.99

This seems like a fantastic price for a 2 pack of inflatables with squirters. Being a 2-pack, there should be less arguments over who gets the squirter inflatable for families who buy this for summer fun in the pool. Maybe more arguments like ‘Muuuuummmm, Johnny squirted me in the eeeyyyeee’.

Swimline Delta Dueler II (2 pack) – $31.49

Here is another 2 pack of inflatables with squirters at an even better price. Last time I bought an inflatable at K-Mart, it was impossible to get even one inflatable this cool for this kind of price.

Wham-O Frisbee 3-Pack – $17.89

Try buying a single Frisbee at somewhere like Rebel Sport or Toys’R’Us and you are going to struggle to get a decent one at this price. In fact, I bought a ‘pro’ frisbee at Rebel a year ago that ran me $25. This pack at Australian Costco stores has the Wham-O Frisbee models ‘Pro Classic’, ‘Twighlight Blast’ (with LEDs in it) and Dyn-O-Glo (glow in the dark) all in one pack at a fantastic price.

Have fun and stay safe this summer, and don’t forget to ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ if you are out in the sun.

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We picked up a set of these Kithcen Aid brushes at Costco in Melbourne for $19.49. The brushes all have a detergent reservoir as part of the handle or body of the brush. To dispense the detergent you squeeze the handle or, in the case of the small palm brush, bush of button on the body.

After some time using these brushes we found that the scouring pads on the sponge head tend to detach from the sponge itself after not a lot of use. I guess you could keep using the sponge, but it defeats the purpose. The brushes themselves are good, but I would prefer a stiffer bristle (might just me my bad cooking).