Leggo’s Tomato Paste – Costco Versus

Leggo’s Tomato Paste – Costco Versus

Tomato paste is used in so many things we cook. Many meals, from pasta to a lamb shank in the slow cooker, use it as a flavour base and we tend to go through a bit of it. Buying it in bulk from Costco is a great idea if you are the kind of household that goes through it or even to split the costs with your friends and family for a smaller quantity each.

We like it in the little sealed tubs. They are 140g each, and if we don’t use a whole tub we can keep it in the fridge a a period of time after opening for the next meal that will use it which is reasonably regularly in our house. Costco’s Australian stores sell it as a 12 pack of 140g tubs, where supermarket sell it as a 2 pack of the same size tub. If you buy it from Costco is bulk you are looking at about a 20% saving in unit cost. Have a look at the table below for more details.

Leggo’s Tomato Paste – Unit Cost per 140g tub
StorePricePack Qty (tubs)Unit Price


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