List Of Televisions At Costco Australia Updated

List Of Televisions At Costco Australia Updated

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We have updated the list of televisions and moved the price list to its own page on Loaded Trolley. You can find it on this link.

There have been few interesting changes since we first looked at televisions stocked at Costco in Australia a few months ago. Firstly, many of the prices have dropped over the last 3 months. The biggest movers percentage wise were;

  • Toshiba 46″ HL900A LCD dropped 24%
  • Sony 55″ Bravia HX850 LCD dropped 23%
  • Panasonic 47″ ET5 LCD dropped 20%

All up there were 28 units on Costco’s shelves that have dropped in price in the last 3 months, but I guess we should expects that given that TV technology is heading towards OLED. There were a few units that went up in price. They were;

  • Samsung 40″ ES5500 LCD up 18%
  • Sony 46″ Bravia HX750 LCD (3D) up 10%
  • Samsung 60″ EH6000 LCD up 2%

The following units were missing from the shelves this time around;

BrandSize (inches)TypeModel
Samsung40LCD Active 3DES6200
Sony46LCDBravia EX650

But Costco has added these units to their stock in Australia;

BrandSize (inches)TypeModel
Sony40LCDBravia HX650
Panasonic42LCD Passive 3DET5

Finally, if you look down the pricing column, there are a few units that end in 97 cents rather than 99 cents like most of the television prices. I have noticed this around the warehouse before and it seems odd. This is apparently part of a coding system Costco use to easily identify items they want to clear according to Len Rapoport.

The TVs that have this end to their price were the 60″ Sharp Aquos (LC60LE630X) which has dropped about $120 (down 8%) to $1479.97 and the 70″ Sharp Quattron (70LE735X) which has dropped about $420 (down 11%) to $3379.97. Neither of these prices are particularly special compared to the list price other retailers such as JB Hi-Fi. Perhaps Costco is going to get out of the business of selling Sharp TVs in Australia, so keep an eye on those two units as they may end up being a steal if Costco cannot offload them at the current price.


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